About Us

About the Company

Drowsy Emperor Ltd. (DE) is a new Hong Kong/Shanghai based East meets West boutique content engine/studio production company looking to serve both Chinese language and English language audiences. Our goal is to draw on Chinese and Western culture to produce imaginative, high quality mixed media art including; animation, prints, casual and social networking  games, digital books, hardcover graphic novels, as well as, browsable products ideal for mobile and smart devices. In addition, we are currently designing everything from soft toys and figurines to wrapped canvas artwork, bags, accessories and clothing. (For more details visit the Drowsy Emperor Shop.)

As you can see DE is still very much a studio in the development phase and our website/websites and related output will continue to evolve with the studio. To get a sense of our design styles you can view the gallery below and come back each week for updates.

About the Founders

Drowsy Emperor was founded by people with a passion for the sometimes magical interplay of words and pictures coupled with a fascination with the special place China holds in the Western imagination, particularly as expressed in popular entertainment. They list as their influences Winsor McCay, Herge, Zhang Chongren, Roy Lichtenstein, Feng Zi Kai, Will Eisner, Fleischer Studios, Disney, Rene Magritte, and Film Noir.

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