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   William Faulkner: “The son of a bitch’s son of a bitch” Nobel Laureate William Faulkner shares with us Montgomery Ward Snopes’ theory on why the infamous Snopes family behaves the way it does.

  “The Two Silences” is the subject of this excellent excerpt from Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter. In a speech to British theater students made in 1962, Pinter addressed the inherent communicative capacity of silence and presciently aligns himself with fans of Paul Newman's 1967 prison film “Cool hand Luke” in his contempt for the already pervasive phrase “failure to communicate” and its alternatives.

  In this excerpt from Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter’s play “The Caretaker” Davies, a homeless man of multiple identities, likely in his early sixties, always in search of the new or newish pair of shoes that will enable him to make his way to a fabled UK military base that will provide him with the identity papers he believes will finally put him on the path to restoring his former life explains the outcome of one of his more recent attempts to obtain those precious shoes at the back door of a church.

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