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  • Find out why James Dean’s car deserved the nickname “Little Bastard”.
  • Learn how Walt Disney turned a business tragedy into a triumph with the creation of Mickey Mouse.
  • Discover why future Nobel Laureate for literature William Faulkner early in his career was fired from his job as a university postmaster and what he thought about it.
  • Read the story of “A Naughty Boy with Long Black Hair” a true Chinese ghost story straight from the farms and forests of Yellow Mountain!
And many more!

Or take a look at our China in the Western Imagination Animated Anecdote Series:

  • Enormous impact: "The Heathen Chinee" a story poem by Bret Harte published in 1870
  • Meet Chung Ling Soo one of the most famous magicians of stage magic's golden era in the early 1900s. His greatest illusion was -- pretending to be Chinese!
  • "Too Chinese for America, too American for the Chinese" -- The fascinating story of Anna May Wong. America's first Chinese movie star.
  • Nobel prize winner Pearl S. Buck's novel about hard lives in China "The Good Earth" was the best selling book in America in both 1930 and 1931.
  • Meet Zhang Chong Ren the Chinese artist who worked with Herge to create Tintin's greatest adventure, "The Blue Lotus"!
  • FuManchu and Charlie Chan a short history of two enduring Chinese stereotypes.