Hard Cover Books: "Constable Khang's Mysteries of Old Shanghai: The Cat With the Telltale Tattoo!" published by China Foreign Language Press is now available in English and Chinese versions at bookstores across China including Shanghai's Garden Books, 325 Chang Le Rd., the the Foreign Languages Bookstore, 390 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Book City and the Shanghai Museum. The book is also available to order on line through Dang Dang and Amazon China.

English speakers outside of China can order the book from Garden Books by contacting them at www.gardenbooks.cn/php/contact.php. You can see the book and related products at their website at Garden Books.

Figurines and Soft Toys:

Constable Khang collectible figurines and soft toys are now available at Garden Books in Shanghai. You can purchase them at Garden Books or visit them online at Garden Books.

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