Soo vs Foo! Who Was the Most Mysterious Most Awesome Magician!

The incredible true story of Chung Ling Soo and Ching Ling Foo!  In the golden age of stage magic they were two of the richest and most famous magicians in the world!  But one of them was an imposter! Who would win the 1905 London world championship of Chinese magic?

“Soo vs. Foo” is a richly illustrated 37 page graphic novella that draws on original archival research to tell the story of the dramatic rise and fall of Will Robinson aka Chung Ling Soo, “The Marvelous Chinese Conjurer”. Soo’s career and his notorious 1905 London showdown with the equally famous Ching Ling Foo “The Original Chinese Conjurer” is not only an exciting tale of high level magic and intrigue but also another colorful window through which to examine “China in the Western imagination”.

Will Robinson always dreamed of being a world famous magician and pretending to be Chinese became his ticket to the big time!

Complete with fact filled original research sourced three-page appendix providing more details on Soo and Foo’s fascinating lives!

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