In Boku and Bob III: "Ten Years After" Boku and Bob aged well beyond their years by the efforts required in Boku and Bob Book II settle into a comfortable semi-retirement of wealth, fame and hero worship of a planet that owes them its existence. Slowly Boku and Bob drift apart as Boku continues his approach, begun in Book II, to humanoid form.

Despondent at his drastically declining powers, lacking direction and falling among bad company Boku goes into a drug and hedonism fueled slide, including the opening a chain of failed nightclubs called "The Fortress of Mingling". Bob meanwhile drifts away into wandering and regretting his lost/spent youth. All the while their psychic link, weakened but still there, surfaces periodically raising the old issues of who controls who.

Things are brought to a head when Boku in his despair leaves himself open to an approach by Mitrius M. Maltazaar who offers a means to renew his powers. The means, however, presents a threat to all and Bob is called in as the only one who can counteract and confront the now suspect Boku.

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