The events set out in Byon and Boku: "The Unraveling Robot" take place between the end of Boku and Bob Book I and the end of Boku and Bob Book II. In this story Byron is the adventurous 12 year-old nephew of Dr. Nautilus.

The story begins when, in mysterious fashion, Dr. Nautilus's team comes into possession of an old 1950s analogue style robot with some interesting qualities. It, however, is also dysfunctional and Dr. Nautilus and his team seek to combine its existing qualities with a weaponizing and artificial intelligence program to modernize and reboot the robot as a potential device to go after the emergents and related problems. Early on in the artificial intelligence trials Nautilus lets Byron interact with robot to help it develop and test its evolving interactive capacity.

These sessions occur after school and Byron and the robot have some interesting discussions. Unfortunately, when the robot continually fails to progress beyond intellectual capacity of a 5 year old the artificial intelligence program is deemed not to show the necessary progress and they decide to terminate but not before the underachieving robot asks Byron in their last session to leave the robot switched on when he leaves.

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